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November 18, 2009
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Mighty Maternal Mecha Powah by Mr-Jolted Mighty Maternal Mecha Powah by Mr-Jolted
I....have absolutely no means of justifying this... :meow:

Let the Epic Insanity™ begin!

Seems Yoko has reinvigorated the whole "H00geness" movement, what with ~shydude's whole Oil Me Up series mysteriously following by a lot of "anonymous" commissioners . . . But, I'm just a crazy conspiracy nut who is suspicious of everything. . .

That said, I hereby vow there will never, ever, everevereverevereverever be anymore Yoko from me ever again. I swear˛!

Just remember, she's pregnant. All previous Yokos have been pregnant. Just about eveything in my gallery is pregnant. I was half-tempted to throw some oil on her...but someone commented that someone would mistake it for something else. But, hey...stretch marks at least...

Also: Seriously, ya gotta download the file to truly appreciate the epic insanity of this. I mean, the small view just does not do it justice.

Kamina's Legacy Series:
:bulletpink: Part One
:bulletblue: Part Two
:bulletgreen: Part Three
:bulletred: Part Four
:bulletorange: Part V
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This picture mad me laugh at first, especially in the smaller views because it didn't make sense.

It looks like a Giant robot dinosaur is going to eat poor Yoko,however upon full viewing and then downloading for the best clarity, I saw that her robot is a giant dinosaur looking creature and that the blue stuff coming from its front tooth wasn't saliva, in fact its the view screen being projected on her belly.

The whole scene is rather comical, especially given the size of her belly (which I love, I'm just pointing out the whole gist I get from this)

The stretch marks covering the sides of her belly are well done, lending to the belief that she is actually that big.

The fact that she is that big and her arms are that small is just ridiculous outside of anime and fanboyism. She should have put on a smidgen of weight in the other parts of her body at least...

Technically speaking I don't see really anything wrong with this piece. The perspective is well done, the lines solid, the colors bright. Not a lot of complaints there.

So yeah, good job.
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Her huge belly is a huge target!
Why am I reminded of Abenobashi Shopping Arcade...?
Some things are GOOD to be forgotten.
And what's that suppose to mean? :O_o:
Haven't you said things about drawing Yoko before?...
Likozor May 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Is she gonna give birth to godzilla or something?
I want to see THIS anime!
don't stop it's so sexy and kawaii. :3
seriously, fucking stop
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